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    Commercial Charging Solutions

    Learn more about our portfolio to find the best charging solution for your business

    We offer a wide variety of electric vehicle charging stations for fleet managers, apartment complexes, workplaces, municipalities, car parks and other commercial customers. From 11 kW charging stations to 50 kW DC ultra fast chargers - we have a solution to match every business need.

    Multi-standard DC and AC charging station capable of charging all electric vehicles in Europe, JuicePump 50 is the perfect fast charging solution for fleets, roadsides, commercial buildings, and anywhere fast charging is needed.

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    Built to last and engineered to maximise uptime, dual 22 kW JuicePole is ideally suited for shopping centres, business parks, apartment blocks, car parks and any organisation interested in smart electric car charging.

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    JuiceBox Pro 32 C is the only electric vehicle charger that affords both direct user control and smart grid optimisation. It offers your customers, employees, and tenants access to smart charging solutions and helps you reduce energy costs and increase grid reliability. 

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    Powering all commercial JuiceBox charging stations, JuiceNet Enterprise delivers the financial savings and flexibility you need to efficiently manage your electric car charging operations.

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    Pedestal for JuiceBox Pro 32 is a stand-alone solution for electric vehicle charging in car parks, drives or other locations where wall mounting is not possible. 

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